About us

We are Cock and Balls. We make unisex street style clothing with a message. Online store with basic wear but also limited edition T-shirts and all the stuff we can possibly think of - that makes a lot or no sense at all. We aim to make what we want, when we want it. All in good time and with a lot of laughter and fun.


This darling domain was bought by one of the owners while binge drinking beer in a sleazy bar in Berlin. 
When entering the restrooms and slamming the door shut it was yelling at her - the graffiti - the third biggest "go to" graffiti icon in the world - the cock and the balls. Since Homo Sapiens started doodling it has been doodled and drawn and painted in every shape and size again and again and in every place you can think of. It is so well printed into our brains the icon has lost it's vulgarity and some might say dignity. 
We thought it would be fun make something out of this observation - now, three years later, the fun has started for real and we give you the website www.cockandballs.wtf. 

Based in Iceland but reaching worldwide, we aim to please you and ourselves at the same time producing clothes and accessories that you don't need but you definitely want...

 ...you want to know more? Send us a line.